- Beautiful nature with 9 national parks with stunning mountains where the highest peak Gerlach reaches 2.564 m, 12 underground caves with fantastic stalactic decoration and 12 thousands touristic and cyclo routes offering breath-taking views

- 19 historical town reserves from different periods and 5 historical landmarks protected by UNESCO as a world heritage

- More than 1.200 thermal and mineral sources with 25 spa towns offering treatment to wide range of ilnessess from skin problems to treatment of locomotive organs

- Recently were built new thermal aquaparks offering not only healing but fun and relax as well

- 350 ski resorts eqiupped with more than 1.000 ski lifts and cable cars and ski slopes of different levels         

- For the needs of clients travelling for business purposes Slovakia offers wide range of conference facilities

- Slovakia is easily reachable by plane – flying directly to capital Bratislava or just 40 km away Vienna Schwechat airport or by train and bus

- For those travelling by car we have a good net of high quality highways connecting East and West, North and South of the country

- For lovers of history is awaiting great number of well protected castles displaying long history of the country starting in 9th century

- Slovakia can fully satisfy even those who like to enjoy good food and quality wine – Slovak cuisine is very original offering wide range of local specialities and great number of wines from different wine-growing regions of the country

All these accompanied with good services, comfort hotels and open hearted people.