Spa & castles

Day one Arrival, transfer from the airport to hotel in spa town of Piešťany

Day two Relax in spa with wide range of procedures. Piešťany The largest spa in Slovakia with a tradition reaching back almost two hundred years. The thermal mineral water with constant temperature of 67-69 ̊ C from the unique sulfuric springs is responsible for the excellent reputation of the spa. The water wells up from the depth of 2.000 metres and brings up very specific chemical compounds and the energy of Earth´s magma.  

Day three After breakfast visit to the castle of Smolenice and Červený kameň. Červený kameň A stone castle built in the 13th century as a part of the chain of the Kingdom of Hungary´s frontier defense castles. In 16th century a fortress became a representative noble castle.

Day four Relax in spa

Day five After breakfast trip to the town of Trenčín with visit of Trenčín castle   Trenčín Centre of region Považie, stretches below the famous Castle of Trenčín. It is the town with rich history and interesting present characterized by close bonds with the neighbouring Moravia and Czechia.

Day six Relax in spa

Day seven Transfer to the airport

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